Upholstery Cleaning

Clean It And Protect It

Here at Getset Cleaning Company, we understand that you value your lounge suite and you won’t just let anybody clean it.

At Getset, we’re not just anybody. In fact, after 25 years of industry experience, we are one of the biggest names in the cleaning industry. What makes us fantastic is firstly, our dedication to our clients, secondly, our attention to detail and thirdly, our respect for our clients’ property. Over the years we have learned several valuable cleaning techniques that could leave your upholstery spotless, sweet smelling and looking like you just bought it yesterday.

When we do upholstery cleaning, we follow carefully practiced steps to ensure that the client’s upholstery is properly cleaned and, most importantly, undamaged. Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t overspray or cause any spills and, before commencing with upholstery cleaning. We colour test the fabrics to determine precisely which chemicals to use to clean your upholstery as to not leave any cracking or bleeding of dyes. Also, after upholstery cleaning, we apply a fabric protecting agent to keep your upholstery clean and spotless.

We maintain our reputation of being the preferred choice when it comes to superior upholstery cleaning services.

What We Do

Our advanced cleaning systems and state-of-the-art equipment, ensure high quality upholstery cleaning services. We make use of environmentally friendly, anti-allergy cleaning products that is extremely effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds.

At Getset Cleaning we aim to clean your upholstery to the best of our abilities, as fast as possible. We protect your home and other furnishings during the cleaning process, we treat stubborn spots on your upholstery, treat your upholstery with a fabric protector and speed dry it with our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your upholstery looks and feels as good as new.

We use the upholstery cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturer, thus ensuring client satisfaction and a longer lifespan on your furniture.

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