High Pressure Tile Cleaning

All floors get exposed to various elements, such as high traffic, spills, dust, sun, flooding and more. Besides the floors, your bathroom, workshop, kitchen and other tiles around the house or the office can also get dirty. It’s important to clean these tiles and grout lines effectively.

High pressure tile cleaning that can also be referred to as water blasting / jetting, is a very effective and environmentally friendly method to use to remove stubborn stains, dirt, bacteria and fungus from your tiles.

At Getset Cleaning we specialise in high pressure tile cleaning, amongst other services. Established in 1989, we have grown to be an industry leading carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and high pressure tile cleaning company that focusses on delivering quality services at unrivalled delivery times.

Our advanced cleaning systems available and unconditional guarantees, combined with first class customer care have ensured that Getset is South Africa’s most trusted name in cleaning.

Our specialised high pressure tile cleaning equipment allows us to clean your specific problem areas without damaging or dirtying nearby surfaces. Our highly trained and qualified team has the necessary experience and training to clean your tiles effectively and therefore prides themselves on a high level of customer satisfaction.

Getset Cleaning is proud of its heritage of over two decades of providing SA Businesses with innovative cleaning solutions and strives to continually improve the company’s already innovative product and service offerings.

For more information on our high pressure tile cleaning services, contact the experts at Getset Cleaning today.