Sanitizing and Hygiene Solutions

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All surfaces are exposed to unhygienic elements such as bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds & fungi.  Therefore highlighting the importance of effective cleaning.

In a world where general health issues are becoming more and more critical getset cleaning is able to provide a safe, effective and environmentally sound solution to a wide range of common health problems caused by ineffective bacteriological control.

Importance of Sanitizing

Sanitizing reduces the growth of viruses, fungi, and types of harmful bacteria. You can clean every day, but you should always sanitize and also disinfect to keep your home or workplace safe. A product that sanitizes effectively greatly reduces all bacteria, not just a specific type. 

If we learn anything from the current health crisis, we should learn that regular cleaning and sanitizing routines are important all the time. Many of the cases of the coronavirus were contracted and transmitted well before we knew we were doing it. The cleaner and more sanitized we are in the way we live, the better prepared we will be to avoid creating environments that make it easy for viruses to thrive

How to Sanitize Properly

  1. Clean Surface – Sanitizing a dirty surface is not effective. Clean surfaces with detergent and water before you sanitize.

  2. Sanitize – Use a product specifically made for sanitizing.

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