Mattress Cleaning

Did you know?

You spend about a third of your lifetime on your mattress…
So considering you spend so much time on your mattress, how regularly do you deep clean it? Not just vacuum your mattress or change the bedding, actual deep cleaning the mattress? The guess is that you don’t deep clean it often enough… Your mattress should be cleaned at least twice a year, but it is recommended that you clean your mattress with the change of each season / quarterly.

Not cleaning your mattress will cause build-up of grime, bacteria and other harmful pathogens, contaminating the material of the bed. This can negatively affect your breathing and sleeping, leaving you tired or causing chronic / reoccurring allergies and sinus problems, which can lead to bigger health problems.

Before you decide to toss your mattress out and buy a new one, why not take a look at the amazing mattress cleaning services we offer here at Getset.

What We Do

What makes our services so fantastic is both our thoroughness and attention to detail. At Getset, we understand how dirty carpets, upholstery and mattresses can get with constant daily use. Accumulated dirt, oils and hair, not to mention dust mites and other assorted critters may be found in any mattress.

That is why mattress cleaning is so important to your health. Your mattress is, after all, a piece of furniture you use every day. Our extensive 9-step mattress cleaning services removes all the dirt, oil and mites from your mattress, thereby preventing allergies and ailments such as asthma which is often contributed to dust mites in the household. In addition to our extensive mattress cleaning service, we also use a fabric protection agent to further clean your mattress, thereby extending its lifespan.

All our mattress cleaning chemicals are non-corrosive and completely environmentally friendly. We will clean your mattress and leave it in a better state that we found it in. We’re not saying that you’re incapable of cleaning your own carpets, upholstery and mattresses, not at all. If fact, no one knows how to better clean your house than you do. The difference is that we have the necessary chemicals, equipment and manpower to do a fantastic cleaning job. Also, especially in regards to mattress cleaning, we offer a revolutionary product called HealthGuard®, a multi-functional, anti-microbial cleaning product that effectively combats allergy inducing bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds.

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