Mattress Cleaning

Did you know???

You spend about a third of your lifetime on your mattress…
So considering you spend so much time on your mattress, how regularly do you deep clean it? Not just vacuum your mattress or change the bedding, actual deep cleaning the mattress?

The guess is that you don’t deep clean it often enough… Your mattress should be cleaned at least twice a year, but it is recommended that you clean your mattress with the change of each season / quarterly.

As disturbing as it is, you share your comfy mattress with dust mites, dust, allergens and more. Although dust mites do not bite you, they cause allergic symptoms when you inhale the microscopic fecal matter and shed skins they leave behind. Symptoms of dust mite allergies include, but are not limited to sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, coughing, difficulty breathing, asthma and more.

Not cleaning your mattress will cause build-up of grime, bacteria and other harmful pathogens, contaminating the material of the bed. This can negatively affect your breathing and sleeping, leaving you tired or causing chronic / reoccurring allergies and sinus problems, which can lead to bigger health problems.

That’s why mattress cleaning is so important in order to get a good night’s sleep and keep allergies to a minimum. Another benefit of regular mattress cleaning is that it can make your mattress last longer.

Getset Cleaning is a specialist in mattress cleaning services in the Gauteng area. With almost 3 decades of experience, we understand the importance of adequate mattress cleaning. We make use of state-of-the-art equipment and anti-allergy, environmentally friendly cleaning products that is effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds. We also make use of speed drying equipment to complete the mattress cleaning process.

The most advanced cleaning methods available and unconditional guarantees, combined with first class customer care have ensured that Getset Cleaning is South Africa’s most trusted name in cleaning.

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