– Furniture Cleaning

Regular Furniture Cleaning can be just as important as regular carpet cleaning and it is an absolute necessity. Having a clean, fresh environment not only makes your home / office look better, but it actually makes you feel better. Besides that, keeping your furniture clean and maintained also assists in extending the lifespan of your furniture.

Vacuuming your couches, chairs or other material furniture definitely helps, but it doesn't remove all the bacteria and dust as professional furniture cleaning would.

Benefits of furniture cleaning:

How Getset Cleaning can help you:

Getset Cleaning is an industry leading furniture cleaning company that was established in 1998 and has been growing stronger since. We've serviced a wide range of residential and corporate clients over the years, making us a favourite with South African giants, such as Telkom and Ster Kinekor.

The most advanced cleaning systems available and unconditional guarantees, combined with first class customer care have ensured that Getset is South Africa's most trusted name in cleaning.

When we do furniture cleaning we make use of anti-allergy cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and extremely effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and mould.

At Getset Cleaning we make use of professional cleaning systems to make sure that your home or office is left in superb condition.

Getset Cleaning provides incredible results with Upholstery Cleaning along with offering a fabric protector for your furniture.

When we clean your furniture we will start by protecting your other home / office furnishings, then we will do a colour test followed by treating stubborn spots on your furniture. Then we will clean the furniture, apply a fabric protector and then speed dry and groom it.

So for more information on professional furniture cleaning services for your home or office, please contact Getset Cleaning today.