Flood Drying Services

Water damage can incur huge amounts of loss and cost substantial amounts of money to repair. The typical geyser contains 150 to 250 liters of water and exploding geysers is quite a common happening in South Africa. When that happens, your floor would be covered in at least a couple of millimeters of water. Water can cause immense damage to your carpets, your wood floors and your tiles. But flood drying is another mission altogether. Have you ever tried cleaning up 250 litres of water?

At Getset Cleaning, you wouldn’t have to. We are a cleaning company that also specialize in flood drying. Floods in your home can be caused by a number of things such as leaky pipes or a defective geyser. Either way, when a flood happens, it’s advisable to begin flood drying procedures immediately. The longer water is allowed to remain, the bigger the chances of it causing damage. At Getset, we promptly assess the damage and we use high powered water extraction machinery to get rid of the water.

What We Do

We use a variety of dehumidifiers and air movers to clear all remaining moisture and then we set to work in restoring possible water damage. We ask our clients a set of questions to determine where the flood came from, how deep the water is and if the source of the leak has been stopped. In the event of a flood, before we apply flood drying techniques, we advise our clients on safety protocols such as not to operate appliances when a floor is flooded or to turn off all circuit breakers before flood drying can commence.

It’s never pleasant to deal with a flooded floor or water damage but, luckily, there are methods to get rid of the water. Since our inception, we have strived to become the most successful, most sought after cleaning company in the Greater Gauteng area. We specialize in all types of cleaning for both commercial and domestic. We understand the type of damage water can wreak thus our flood drying techniques is of the utmost importance. If you’re experiencing flooding, be sure to give us a call and our flood drying experts will solve your water problem.

Our flood drying services include:

When calling us, we will ask you the following questions to assist us in despatching the correct equipment to your premises:

Before Getset Cleaning arrives at your premises please:

Please DO NOT do the following when you have water and sewage damage:


Upon arrival at your premises our technician will assess the damage and give you an estimate before commencing with the drying.

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