Dry Carpet Cleaning

We make your home feel like the day you moved in with our safe and effective cleaning services. Our products are environmentally friendly and leave your carpets clean, soft and fresh. No water, no soap, no shampoo and no drying time.

Dry carpet cleaning method is especially effective for homes with pets and children or adults with allergies. This method is also the most compatible with the materials that carpets and rugs are made of. The dry carpet cleaning method uses equipment that sprays hot water, mixed with cleaning chemicals, while simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water along with all the dislodged and dissolved dirt.

Our cleaning method is a dry extraction process that utilizes a dry-cleaning compound to remove dirt and stains from carpets: i.e. dirt is extracted from the carpet pile without the use of water and related detergents, and is accomplished by the following steps:

Once the carpeted area to be cleaned has been thoroughly vacuumed, it is treated to a light pre-spray that neutralizes any soap residue from previous steam cleaning, and conditions the fibres for improved cleaning performance.

GetSet Cleaning’s dry-cleaning compound (micro-sponge + chemicals) is applied to the carpet and brushed into pile with the use of a specialized brush machine. This process brings the cleaning chemicals into contact with the dirt, transferring stains etc. from the pile to the “micro-sponge aspect of the compound.

After a drying time of not more than half an hour, the dirt-bearing “micro-sponge” can be vacuumed up, leaving the carpet clean, fresh smelling, and totally dry.

For particularly badly soiled areas of carpet, the above steps can be safely repeated without the chance of harming the carpet in any way.

There are many advantages to using our dry-cleaning process. Some of these are:

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