Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

Getset Cleaning specialises in commercial carpet cleaning services in the Gauteng area. We have over 2 decades of experience and we are one of the biggest commercial carpet cleaning service providers. Through the years we’ve serviced a wide variety of clients, such as Telkom and Ster Kinekor, but we are also highly recommended by carpet manufacturers and fitters like Van Dyck Carpets, Kevin Bates and Nouwens.

What We Can Do

We understand that each situation is different and that’s why we offer you a customised solution to your commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance needs. One of our consultants will do an assessment of your facility taking into consideration the following factors; building layout, traffic flow, soil types, type of carpet, type of activity, number of occupants, your expectations and budget requirements.

We will then design a maintenance plan that suits your needs and will improve the look of your carpets.  We will use your building layout and colour code the areas showing vacuuming and cleaning frequencies in all areas of your facility.


Regular carpet cleaning is not only important, but it’s an investment; an investment in your carpet, as well as your health. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will assist in preserving your carpet’s original appearance, but more importantly the carpet cleaning products we use provides effective protection against bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds.

Before your commercial carpet cleaning service is done:

Before your carpet is cleaned please remove breakables and items from tables and other furniture that will be moved by our crew. Remove all small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, etc. in the areas that are to be cleaned.
Also arrange for pets and children to be away from the area where we are cleaning.

After your carpet cleaning service is done:

Be careful when walking from carpet to hard surfaces. Floors can be slippery.

Keep pets and children off of carpet for at least six hours.

Remove tin foil 24 hours after carpet is cleaned.

Vacuum carpet anytime after the first 24 hours.

Getset is proud of its heritage of over two decades of providing SA business with innovative cleaning solutions and strives to continually improve the company’s already innovative product and service offerings.

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