Why your carpet must be cleaned?

The most obvious reason is that it's dirty. There is a lot of leftover food, debris, dust and dirt on the floor from the outside world. Even if you have a shoeless home, your carpet is still the gathering point for all the grosses. Here are some more reasons why a carpet cleaning is necessary: ?? Provides longevity and durability Removes stains Preserves indoor air quality Keeps the appearance bright and new Removes a variety of dust mites, bacteria and insects Facilitates the future maintenance


There are a variety of cleaning methods for carpets, mat and rugs. Some you can do yourself, while others require the help of experienced professionals.

Steam Cleaning - This type of cleaning uses a hot water extraction method to remove dirt build-up and stains. The technique is quite simple. A special machine sprays hot water over a surface, creating a kind of vacuum. At the same time, the heat of the steam loosens the dirt while the vacuum cleaner sucks it up. Depending on the composition of your carpet fibres, you can add cleaning solutions for best results.

Preconditioning - Just like dirty sweaters and blankets, you can precondition your carpets to help loosen stains and spots. When the care solution has done its job, you can easily remove it using the steam cleaning method.

Drying and Extraction: Using steam or alkaline washing processes will leave your floor covers damp and wet floor coverings. Vacuuming is not enough to remove all the water from the fibres. The drying and extraction process is necessary to ensure that all moisture is gone. Professionals use a combination of fans, dehumidifiers and air circulation to ensure carpets stay dry. Skipping this will result in water stains and even mold growth.

It may be time to clean your carpets if you have any of the following problems:

Been more than a year since you last cleaned it: When it comes to carpet cleaning, the rule of thumb is that it should be professionally cleaned at least once a year

You're Having Allergy Problems: If you've noticed your indoor allergies have gotten worse

It’s Stained: There are a few types of stains, including animal stains and ink stains, that need a professional's help to remove. Sometimes soap and water just aren't enough.

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